Privacy Policy

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The Privacy Policy of the GLS Consultants’ Site Policy (User Agreement) govern this Privacy statement. As soon as a user registers with GLS Consultants by completing the registration form and agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the Site Policy, this policy becomes operative.
GLS Consultants may gather personal data from you in order to give you a customised browsing experience. Additionally, some of our websites might ask you to fill out a registration form or provide us with certain information. We can deliver or give you access to the most pertinent information that serves your needs if you give us your preferences.
To continue this unique experience GLS Consultants may monitor a user’s IP address.
GLS Consultants will never share a user’s personal information with a third party without first getting that user’s permission. However, general information might be disclosed to outside parties.
Users’ information will only be put on the website with their permission, and every effort will be made to ensure its security. Normally, site visitors are not required to expose their identities or provide any information about themselves; you will only be requested to complete the registration form when you register.
A full user always has the option of not providing the information which is not mandatory.

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