7 major roads will be built with 113 crores


The plan for the construction of 7 main roads of the city has been prepared by the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA). About Rs 113.67 crore will be spent on its construction.

It is expected that the construction of these main roads will be started in the month of November. It will be ready by next year. GMDA has issued tender for the construction of four main roads connecting Dwarka Expressway and Upper Dwarka Expressway. Of these, Rs 12.09 crore will be spent on construction of Sector 102-102A, Rs 12.78 crore on construction of Sector 102-103, Rs 14 crore on construction of Sector 103-106 and Rs 14.96 crore on construction of Sector 106-109. Presently the condition of these roads is not good. A 3×3 lane road will be built on both sides. For their construction, a period of 9 months will be given after allotment in the tender.
facility will increase
■ Footpaths, service roads and cycle tracks will be constructed on the two main roads along with the road.
■ The construction of these roads is expected to start in the month of November, they will be ready by next year, it will be decided to which company the tender will be given.

Projects on Dwarka Expressway :-

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